01 October 2023
Implementation period 01.10.2023-31.09.2025 Funder: European Union through the Erasmus program By implementing our project, we aim to increase the degree of participation in the democratic life of young people with
01 October 2023
Implementation period 01.10.2023-30.09.2024 Financier: The European Union through the European Solidarity Corps program   By implementing the project, we aim to draw attention to the importance of education for reproductive health

In-Time Projects

24 August 2023
Performance period August 24 – October 31, 2022 Funder: The Start NGO program is launched by Kaufland Romania and implemented by the Act for Tomorrow Association.          #StartONG #ImplicareaFaceDiferenta #KauflandRomania #ActForTomorrow
04 July 2023
Outings and trips are the most loved activities by the children, young people and adults we work with. Whether they are in nature, going to an event or hiking in

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Our programms have different categories, including 5 main directions:

Ambitious, determined, and eager to get involved, the members of our association strongly believe in positive change.

We are constantly learning to be better and look towards the future with hope and confidence. We like to believe that where there is a will, there is a way!

Our projects respond to the needs identified within the organization, at the community level, but also among young people in rural areas and young people with disabilities.

Our work is guided by European values and principles.

Finished projects

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